goodbye 2009

10:29:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

I find it a little bittersweet to bid farewell to 2009... it was an amazing year. Nick and I had our 1st real year of military life, he completed basic training, AIT, and Scout Command school, we got married, I had my first trip out of the country to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, and I graduated from nursing school. I also turned 26, and if you know me at all you understand how important even numbers are :)

Most importantly, Nick and I both achieved our dreams in 2009. We spent years talking about our ambitions and goals... his to join the military and serve his country, and mine to become a nurse and finally find a career I was passionate about.

As sad as it is to see 2009 come to an end, 2010 can only be better. Of course it will be sad to spend the year without Nick, but I only become stronger and learn more about myself every time he leaves. I will begin my career as a nurse, which is both exciting and challenging. There is also a really big change about to take place in my life... but I will have to wait and share that in a future post (and no, it's not a baby... yet).

so bring it on 2010!

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