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It hasn’t even been 2 days yet, and already I’m starting to feel depressed and detached from the world. I can’t accept that I will be living this quiet, lonely life for the next year. I need a roommate, a new friend (with no life that wants to spend every waking moment with me), a new hobby… anything to distract myself from the silence. It will get better, it always does, but about the time I begin to get used to this new life it will be time to see Nick for Christmas- which is GREAT- but I’ll have to start all over again. I don’t do well with change. It’s always the little things that I miss the most… sitting around watching tv together, cooking dinner together, cuddling in bed on a Saturday morning, running errands around town… the list goes on and on. I just love having him by my side for everything that life brings- big and small. It’s times like this that I also regret living so far away from our families, because no one can replace the comfort and love that comes with family.

(I never promised this blog would be uplifting, did I?)

One thing to be grateful for tonight… One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl. Distractions are invaluable right now.

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