let the freaking out begin.

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I think it has finally hit me, and I'm starting to freak out... I only have 18 more days with Nick before he leaves.  Of course I will get to see him for 5 days over Christmas before he is officially gone for 12 months, but I know those days are going to fly by.  No amount of time is long enough with your best friend.  We will be on our way to NC for Thanksgiving next week and will be spending Christmas in NC as well.  I'm so excited to spend the holidays with our families this year, but I can't help thinking that the little time I have with my husband has to be shared with too many other people.  It's important for him to have good quality time with his family before he goes overseas, but it doesn't leave much quality time for the two of us.

While Nick was in basic training at Fort Benning, we began counting down the number of Sundays until we would see each other.  It was a much more optimistic way of looking at things, because the number of Sundays left always sounds much better than the number of days left.  Unfortunately this is how I count everything down now... and I only have 2 Sundays left until he leaves.  On a good note, our last Sunday together will be spent on our drive back from NC.  We are notorious for having our best conversations on long car rides because we never turn on the radio- not even on our 14 hour drives to and from Sarasota.  As graduation nears I have more and more free time, so hopefully we will be able to spend every minute together during the last few days that he is in Nashville.

As hard as this is going to be on me, I can't help but remember that this is a million times worse for Nick.  I am losing one person for 12 months, but he is losing a lot more.

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