now I wait

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Once again, Nick is gone... it isn't the first time, and unfortunately it won't be the last.  He will be in Mississippi for the next 3 weeks for annual training, or as I like to call it "playing Cowboys and Indians".  He left bright and early this morning on a fancy charter bus complete with satellite television.  If I've learned one thing during the past year, it's not to feel too sorry for the troops and their rough conditions.  Of course deployment is a different story, but during drill weekends and training they're usually living pretty nice and not working too hard.  I mean, really, what boy doesn't dream of spending his time shooting guns and simulating war?  It's all little boys do growing up.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter of our troops and I'm more than happy knowing they're given nice accommodations and allowed to have a little fun when they're able to.  After all, 12 months away from family and friends in the desert isn't my ideal vacation.  They actually deserve more than they're given... they sacrifice their lives and defend our country, all in a day's work.  And while we sit around and complain about not enough paid holidays or having to work a little late one night, you'll never hear a soldier complain about his job.  They're proud of what they do, and they should be.

It's only been a few hours since Nick left, and already I miss him so much.  If there's one thing I can thank the Army for, it's allowing me to never take my husband for granted.  I spend too much time missing him and waiting for him to come home to not appreciate him when he's here.  Sometimes all I feel like I do is wait... wait for him to come home, wait for the next assignment, wait for the next phone call.  But it's all worth it... Nick is living his dream and reaching his goals, and I couldn't be more proud of him.  Not to mention he looks pretty good in uniform.

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