tick tock

11:50:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 1 Comments

I'm not a crier.  We all have our moments (especially around a certain time of the month), but I rarely cry.  I can hear tragic stories, watch heart-wrenching love stories, and witness the suffering and death of patients in the hospital, and although I'm sad I just don't cry.  Call me cold-hearted, uncaring, whatever... but it's just how it is.  I know deep down I'm a very compassionate person (and nurse!), but it doesn't usually show on the outside.

Recently, however, I've found that there is one thing that is guaranteed to bring tears to my eyes every time... the birth of a newborn.  During my OB rotation this summer I observed anywhere from 2-5 deliveries in each 12-hour shift, and each time my eyes got just a little watery.  I even found myself crying while watching TLC's "A Baby Story" yesterday.  I don't know exactly what it is, but it gets me every time.  I think it's a combination of the sheer joy and pride on the parent's faces the first time they see their baby, the overall exhilaration of the moment, and my own biological clock ticking louder and louder.  I can only imagine what I'll be like during the birth of my own children... if you plan on being there you might want to wear a raincoat.

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