2013: year in review

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2013 was quite the year. In twelve short months we became a family of four, built a new house, and Nick and I started new jobs. Our hearts grew, we learned patience and forgiveness, and we watched our lives fly by in a blur.

We started the year with planning and preparation for Logan's 1st birthday party. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the sweet little boy that had changed our lives forever.

In February I said goodbye to everything I had known in nursing, and began my new career as a home health nurse. It has been challenging and frustrating in so many ways, but I love it. My patients have become my family, and my heart has grown with a place for each of them.

We spent our weekends in the spring and summer celebrating new friends and watching Logan explore the world around him. The days were never long enough, but we enjoyed every minute we had together.

Nick left for annual training in July, and I struggled with the task of working full-time and taking care of a walking, energetic toddler... all while 9 months pregnant.

Logan and I survived, and Nick returned home just 2 days before we welcomed our sweet Adaleigh Rose to the family. On 8.8.13, at 2:22pm, she stole our hearts with a full head of dark hair and big, beautiful eyes.

At the end of September, we finally moved into the house we had fallen in love with over 5 months before. It had space for our growing family and touches that made it feel like home from the moment we walked in.

In October we made our annual trip to Honeysuckle Hill Farm, and left with kettle corn, pumpkins, and memories.

We celebrated Halloween with friends alongside our very own Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. It was storming and cold, but our hearts were warm and full.

We welcomed family any chance we could get. Living so far away from the ones we love the most never gets easier, but we've learned to cherish every moment we have together. 

 I turned 30 on Thanksgiving and celebrated the only way I knew how... by working. Nick cooked an amazing dinner to share with friends. We spent the weekend decorating, listening to Christmas carols, and visiting Santa at Opryland.

Nick left his career in security in December, and began the adventure of learning IT recruiting. With it becomes hope and possibilities that are sure to make the next year interesting.

We traveled to NC for a short trip in December to celebrate the union of Bob & Carol, and returned to TN quickly to prepare for our first Christmas together, at home, as a family of four. We spent Christmas Eve at church with friends, and started new traditions as we anxiously awaited "Ho Ho" to arrive down the chimney. Christmas lasted for days, as the grandparents arrived for the weekend with more and more presents. We took a short day trip to Chattanooga before it all came to an end.

We rang in the New Year quietly on the sofa in our new home, with sweet little ones asleep just down the hall. We made plans for 2014, and shared our dreams and goals for the new year.

Like every other day of our lives, 2013 was beautiful chaos. Here's to 2014- the year of no (new) babies!

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