dear Logan (1 year)

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My sweet little man,

What an amazing, life-changing, and absolutely incredible year this has been. I barely remember what life was like before you joined our family, and I don't miss a thing about it. You have brought us laughter and tears, sleepless nights and endless days, and enough smiles and memories to last a lifetime. You have tried us in ways we never expected and taught us lessons in parenting, marriage, and what life is really about. Not a day goes by that I don't cherish every smile that lights up your face.

At 12 months you care much more about texture than taste, and always prefer larger bites you can pick up and feed yourself. You are finally growing and wearing 9-12 month clothing! You skipped 6-9 month clothing all together. You are constantly moving and crawling faster than we can keep up, and just started pulling yourself to a standing position. You are now 19 lbs and 28 inches long. You have climbed to the 5th percentile for weight... which is quite an accomplishment for my little man!

Your favorite song is still "if you're happy and you know it", and you often prompt us to start singing by clapping your hands. You also clap when we sing other songs or play games together, and during bathtime when the water turns off. I have been surprised lately by sweet kisses when I least expect them, and you have definitely become quite the charmer.

This week at daycare you joined the toddler class and had a blast! You ate hot meals with the big kids, and even laid down on a mat all by yourself during naptime. It is amazing how fast you are growing up. I installed your new car seat tonight and can't wait to get your reaction to seeing a little more on car trips (don't worry, still rear-facing for another year!). You are starting to sit still and really listen to stories at bedtime, no matter how long of a book we choose. We always find time throughout the day to cuddle, and I think you enjoy it almost as much as I do.

The more I think about the little man you're becoming, the more I find myself at a loss for words. Everything is moving so incredibly fast. I have a hard time mourning the loss of my precious little baby, because every day is such a fun adventure with you. My heart is beaming with pride at every new milestone. You are full of surprises and joy. For the past 12+ months you have been my world, and the memories alone give me such peace and happiness. I look forward to the next year, the next milestone, and the next adventure by your side. This is our journey together.

love always & forever,

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