I love surprises :)

7:00:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

I got a very unexpected call today from Nick. He seems to be doing okay, but he didn't sound like himself. He's still in reception and is expected to start basic training on Friday. I didn't get a chance to ask exactly what they've been doing or what they will do for the next week, because our call ended after less than 2 minutes. Although I would never tell him this, I almost wish he hadn't called. I was so excited to talk to him and it put a huge smile on my face, but it seemed the call ended as soon as it began and once again I was crying. He did tell me that they will be able to call for 5 minutes every Sunday... those calls will have to be what keeps me going for the next 14 weeks. I have been crying myself to sleep the past few nights, and I hope that it gets better over time. For now I will try to stay strong, and try to stop drinking and sleeping the pain away. The hardest part is knowing that this is just the beginning. I can't imagine surviving for 12 months without him when he is deployed next year. At least now I can look forward to our wedding in August and the beginning of our lives as a married couple.

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