dear little bit (30 weeks)

9:19:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

my precious little girl,

Everything is so different this time around. Here we are, already in the third trimester and only a few short months until your arrival, and I'm just now writing your first letter. It's not because I have anything less to say to you or spend any less time thinking about you, only that life has been so busy since the day our family first began growing. We spend our days working and our evenings chasing your brother around, and any spare time in between is spent building a new house for our family of four and preparing for your arrival.

We have loved you and wanted you long before you became a part of our lives. We had an angel baby surprise us a few months before finding out about you, and we left any worry and doubt we may have had about another baby in the past with her. This time around we know just how much our hearts will grow when we look into your eyes for the first time, and we look forward to that moment each and every day.

I think about you constantly, wondering if you'll have blond hair and blue eyes like your brother or surprise us and look like a little mini-me. I wonder if you'll be wild and crazy like Logan, or quiet and reserved like your mama. Will you take your time reaching milestones, or rush through the first year trying to catch up to your brother? I cannot wait to watch you grow, and my heart swells with pride just thinking about you.

There's something special about a family of four.


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