iPhone week 2: a golden birthday

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Our amazing Thanksgiving in NC ended with the best start to a new week- my golden birthday.  We didn't arrive home from our trip until 5am on my birthday, so as Nick showered and dressed for work I got cozy on the couch for a much needed nap.  My day was spent Christmas shopping around town... a few new decorations, a few things for myself, and gifts for my 2 favorite boys.  Nick left work early to take me out to buy our Christmas tree (my only real birthday request this year), after a Starbucks break for my free birthday drink of choice (a caramel brulee latte... so good!).  We braved the rain and cold to pick the perfect Frasier Fur, and returned home to eat, decorate, and celebrate.  Nick grilled an amazing filet mignon, accompanied by a baked potato, salad, and a garlic/parmesan baguette.  He presented me with the most amazing cheesecake for dessert.... the entire meal was perfect and much better than anything we would have found in a restaurant.  As the hours grew later we began trimming the tree and finishing our decorations around the house while dancing to  the greatest Christmas album of all- Frank Sinatra.

our christmas tree all trimmed and pretty, the beautiful handmade birthday card I received from my very talented mother, and my new "hohoho" blocks courtesy of Target

As cheesy as it may sound, I truly feel that my life is nothing short of golden right now.  I have an amazing husband that lives to make me happy, a healthy miracle baby growing and bouncing safe inside of me, a fulfilling career that makes me feel proud and accomplished, and everything in life that I need.  Of course I will always wish for more... a bigger house, more money, less stress, etc... but I have nothing to complain about the way my life is right now.  I am blessed and fortunate to have achieved so much, and the best years of my life with our new little joy are yet to come.  The last 28 years will become a distant memory once this little boy enters the world and makes my life better in every way possible.  

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