back to running.

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To say I have slacked off the last 3-4 months would be an understatement. After the half marathon in September I lost all motivation without a goal in sight, and my runs became few and far between. Then winter came, along with snow and ice and plenty of excuses, and my runs were almost non-existent. The Husband would drag me out every once in a while for a weekend run, but I pretty much avoided it like the plague. My weight continued to drop and my body still felt good, and that did not help my motivation at all.

With a few warm days, the thought of bathing suits, and the numbers on the scale on a gradual rise, I found myself wanting to run again. Over a few beers on a rainy Saturday afternoon The Husband and I developed a plan, and I found another reason to wake up in the morning and a healthy habit to look forward to every day.

Like clockwork The Husband and I have ran every night since Sunday. And it feels good. I’ve even managed to run at night after a long 12-hr shift without face-planting into the cement. We’re only running 3 miles now, which will probably continue to be our nightly run during the week with longer runs on the weekends. It’s so nice to be able to run a good, steady pace without wanting to quit every 5 minutes or barely being able to catch my breath.

Tonight we set our post slacker-winter record— 3 miles in 28:52! Pretty pathetic, I know, but it’s been a while. You should also know that I slow The Husband down A LOT… he wasn’t nearly as lazy as I was during the last few months, and can still run 6-8 min miles when I’m not around to hold him back.

Yay to running, being healthy, and looking good in bikinis this summer!

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