dear little ones: a week away.

7:58:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

My sweet little ones,

I love you so so much, but motherhood is hard. I often dream of some sort of break... a night without baths or stories or bedtime, five minutes without someone wanting a snack, a quiet evening on the patio with a book, a few minutes alone and away from it all.

But the truth is my life is empty without you. From the moment we said goodbye, my heart hurt. I drove away with an ache and longing for you that I sometimes forget is there. Everything seemed too quiet.

It's only a week. But for the last four years, I haven't known a week without you. I've barely known a night without you. A week can feel like so much more than a week, and some days are painfully longer than others. I miss you more every minute, but I hope you're not missing me. I hope you are having the time of your life. More importantly I hope I’ve taught you to feel safe away from me, knowing I will always return with more hugs and kisses than I left you with. No matter the distance, you are always a part of my heart.

love always & forever,