merry christmas!

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Tomorrow is a big day around here... our 1st Christmas as a family of three! We're on our way home to NC for the holidays this weekend, so before we go we're having our own Christmas morning. Today is for wrapping presents, packing bags, and lots of baking!


Christmas card courtesy of Tiny Prints



dear Logan (10 months)

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My sweet little angel,


Another month is behind us. Another month of smiles and laughter, kisses and giggles. You have become such a sweet little boy, always offering big, sloppy kisses when you see me, and wrapping your little arms tight around my neck at bedtime. You've battled one illness after another this month, which means lots of extra snuggles and naps together. My heart breaks for you and your stuffy little nose, but I don't mind the extra attention.


You're still in daycare two days each week. I wish I had the chance to see what your day is like when you're there, but your teachers think you're perfect. Always smiling, never crying, and sharing your happy energy with the world.


For so long you've been such a great eater, never turning down anything offered to you. But here lately you are learning your preferences, and turning your nose up to most veggies that make their way to your plate. You love to feed yourself, and daddy and I have learned to keep you entertained at restaurants with a plate full of lemons.


You have graduated from your baby bathtub, and you have really embraced playtime in the big bathtub at night. You only have one little rubber ducky to play with, but it's hard to get you out of the bath now. You splash and giggle, and swim yourself in circles.


You are the most ticklish little boy I have ever seen. Your daddy and I love to torture you with endless tickles until your laughter turns to snorting. Even when I put lotion on your cheeks at night, you can't control yourself. It is impossible not to share the laughter with you.


You have finally mastered the art of crawling... army crawling, that is. You are fully capable of getting on all fours, but with the slick hardwood floors you much prefer to slide yourself across the house. And you move fast. You rarely pull yourself up, but with a little help you will stand at your table and play for an hour. You also love to get around in your walker, but haven't quite figured out how to go forward. You can hold my hands and walk pretty far, too. I don't think it will be long before you're running all over this house.


You are waving all the time now! One of my very favorite things. You're starting to clap too, but its still a work in progress. You have a soft little grunt when you're sleepy, and you still roll those "r"s just before you get fussy. My little Cuban jumping bean :)


Christmas is just around the corner, and shortly after we will be celebrating your first birthday. It still seems unreal. The longest 10 months of my life followed by the fastest year of my life... and all together the happiest and greatest time I could have ever imagined. Life is far too short.


Love you forever,