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Yay for healthy babies!

I’m happy to share that our little bean of sunshine is alive and healthy!  I was a nervous wreck all morning as the hours creeped by to our 11am ultrasound appt, but as soon as I heard the sonographer say “that’s your baby’s heartbeat” I knew every minute was worth the wait.  Nick was able to sneak away from work to be there with me in the moments we first laid eyes on our baby.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  

The baby’s heart rate was only 109 bpm, and the sonographer mentioned that my ob/gyn may request an appt to see me again in a week to make sure the heart rate has increased to above 120 bpm.  She said not to be concerned though, because it was so early in my pregnancy that she doubts we would have even seen the heart rate had I come in a day sooner.  Surprisingly I’m not worried at all.  

I am so relieved for this morning to be over.  I have reached a whole new level of excitement about the baby!  For some reason the ultrasound was just the confirmation I needed that I truly am pregnant and haven’t imagined this baby and the past 2 1/2 weeks in my head.  Now I’m busy packing for our weekend trip so that we can hit the road when Nick gets off work tonight… I cannot wait to share the news with everyone we love!

ETA:  There is only ONE healthy baby in there… this is also very good news :)